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TWIN DREAM BOOK PUBLISHING AND AUTOR SERVICES is a new name but a company  that has been in existence for over five years. 

The owner/publisher/editor is Marsha Hubbard Keith. Marsha has been writing books herself since the age of twelve. 

In 1999 Marsha left her life in Oklahoma to move to Maine. Here she began to earnestly write and after publishing a children's book she moved on to romance novels, a dream of hers for awhile.

After dealing with vanity presses, subsidy presses and traditional publishers Marsha decided to publish her own books under her own name,

Marsha had an identical twin sister who was an artist in her own rights and designed the idea for the book Lark, A Love Story. Marsha lost her sister in 2004 to ovarian cancer and wanted to do some thing to keep her memory alive; thus Twin Dream Book Publishing and Author Services was born.

Here new writers who have been rejected by the hard to get in the door traditional publishers can submit there work. It is not your typical vanity, subsidy or print on demand publishing company.

We offer three publishing packages as well as other author services which will be discussed in our services page.

We are not a rich company unless you count caring and belief of new writers and artist as rich. We believe in giving every one a chance to achieve a dream is an ultimate must. If your book is worth reading it is worth publishing. The idea that it must make the company lots of money is not us. This is a small company with lots of heart.

We do use new artist to illustrate books and because of this you may not see your book on the market immediately as they for the most part work other full time jobs as being an artist for book illustration will be rewarding but is not enough of an income to just do art. So patience with the artist is on us, patience with us is on you but believe if  the company says your book is worth publishing it will happen. But as the old saying goes "Rome was not built in a day".