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OPTION #1: With option 1 the author/writer pays a one time fee of 150.00 to the company. This fee covers set up, ISBN and more. The company will read, proof, and edit for spelling,grammar and punctuation. We will not change content. Your book will then be sent to a print of demand printer and availablefor sale after printer finishes set up  within 6-8 weeks. The company distributes the royalties to you after print on demand printer takes their cut. The company will make no money other than the up front fee to publish. This is a guarantee. We are a small company but want to see good writers published. We will continue to market and promote your books. Your royalty checks will be mailed out once your royalties reach a check printable amount. We will also continue to secure illustrators for your book if you have none. We will pay the illustrator and pay their royalties. Our reward your book out there with our company as the publisehr. As said before we are a small company so this means it will take time as it is hard to find good illustrators willing to work on small upfront fees and small royalties. But our fees are not high but our caring is high. Your royalties are based on price set for book and typically are higher than you see with traditional publishers  or other subsidy publishers. Any bulk printing is on you the writer as all money made from these books belong to you.  The company will some times buy bulk supplies of books to take to book fairs and workshops; if so the price of the book is split between the author and the company at a 50/50 amount.

OPTION #2: With Option 2 break down: You as the writer will pay 75.00 to the company and for this fee we will publish your book. We will not be the owner of the ISBN as we will contract this out to the printer ( i.e amazon, lulu) but we will read, proof,edit and market your book and provide illustrators if needed. This means your royalties are based on our sub contracting partners fees or royalties policy which is based on price set for book. Also any bulk printing is on you the writer as you will be using for these for your own sales and profit. As above we will sell books in our online store. We will also buy bulk copies of books for fairs and workshops and this results in a 50/50 division of the sale price.

OPTION #3: You as the writer pay no upfront fee but realize with us being a small company we work on a limited budget so this option still gives you the care and attention we promise but it also means we are out the whole cost of publishing and therefore your book will not be out immediately but as soon as possible. Also any bulk printing costs are totally on you as the writer. We will be the publisher of the book and  you the writer. Royalties will be on a 50/50 basis if sold from our online store and you will also see a royalty from each book sold from our online retail partners. These royalties are based on price of your book but average 2-3 dollars a book which is highter than most subsidy publishers offer.


Twin Dreams Book Publishing and Author services offers several services to new writers not seen by most publishing companies. 

We offer reading, proofing and editing of your manuscript at a reasonable fee. This fee waived of course should you decide to go with us for publishing of your book.  The fee for this is based on a word by word count or page count. The word by word count is more economical for books under 40 pages.

We also offer typing of manuscripts. This is a page by page fee and includes proofing, editing and a hard copy of manuscript. The fee is $1.00 per page


A new venture for out company is an online bookstore. Here we will sell our published authors books as well as those of publisher/owner. But also we will be contracting with any one who has good used quality books to sell. Here you will contract with us to list your books. You will hold book till sold. Once sold we will pick up and mail to buyer. Once payment received you will receive 50 percent of sale. We handle all postage, marketing, advertising of these books.

There will be a written contract for any of the above services and either party has 30 days to cancel the agreement/contract.